Verde Manifesto

Sustainability Policy

Cineburó is constantly innovating to meet the changing needs of the international market, prioritizing the sustainable development of projects.
This year the company will integrate environmentally and socially responsible practices for its projects following the ISO 2012 standard. The international standard dictates the process to organize a filming in a sustainable way, considering planning, action, verification and ongoing improvement.

The main objectives are:
● Remove single-use plastic during productions.
● Measure and reduce the carbon footprint of productions.
● Design and execute a program for the correct management of waste and donation of materials and food after each production.
● Communicate to the relevant actors the sustainable actions to get involved on them.

This policy is a demonstration of Cineburó of the leadership on issues relevant to the organization and the environment. It is possible for the valuable support of all employees, who are thanked for joining these actions in favor of the environment.


For more information on how you can be more cautious of your footprint in productions, see these sites: